What is the purpose of this website?

So many websites on how to make or save money.  Many just after your money.  Many with false promises.  I wanted to create a website to “help” people not take their money.

Why is this website different?

It’s completely free!

Can I save/make a lot of money?

A lot is very subjective and depends on your own personal circumstances.  I make no promises as to how much.  I will write articles which give you the information and it is for you to decide whether it is of interest or not.

Is it risk free?

Some are but most things have an element of risk.  I will highlight the risks and it is for you to decide whether you wish to proceed or not.

Can anyone do them?

In the main, yes.  That said, some ideas will be more appealing than others.  It must be remembered that you don’t get something for nothing and that there is going to be an investment of time in many of the ideas.

Can you give me an example of an idea?

This scheme is now closed.

I like to play blackjack online and one day mistakenly deposited with a credit card.  I deposited £50, played blackjack for a bit and withdrew around £80.  When I noticed it on my statement, I was charged a £3 fee for the £50 deposit.  However, when the £80 was credited there was a £3 credit!

Then I was curious so I deposited £50 but withdrew (almost straight away) 10 lots of £5.  As before, I was charged £3 for the deposit but received 10 lots of £3 credits.  This meant that on a £50 deposit I made £27.

That was it and I scaled up and over 4 cards and around 6 months, I made around £4k.  Sometime afterwards the credit card company wrote a letter stating that they had fixed the ” system bug” but would not be asking for the money back.  The latter was always going to be difficult for them given that I made sure I had spent the money and they would not have wanted the embarrassment of their error being made public.