This is seen as a big issue.

The banks insist that they are direct debits and not standing orders.  In simple terms, you “send” money via a standing order and money is “collected” by a third party via a direct debit.  This means it is not easy to create a lot of them but you can “manufacture”, a few.

I have seen some suggestions which say to donate to charity but by doing this it is costing you money and it costs the charity collecting the money.

Here is how I manufacture direct debits…

Over the years, I had built up a number of credit cards most of which I no longer used.  Every month, I top up my Amazon account with just £1.  In most cases, this is enough to generate a direct debit.  The money deposited into my Amazon account then gets used towards my next Amazon purchase.

Of course, you could simply buy 4 pints of milk from Tesco but that involves you carrying the credit card and then there is a temptation to use for other things.