My name is Steve.

As a young boy, I always looked at ways of saving or making money.

It started when we moved to a new house. Our house was located on a new housing estate and there were a lot of houses still being built.  I would collect the leftover copper and my dad would then take to the scrap merchant for me.

As a teenager, I would go scrumping for apples and plums.  I would then go door to door selling them.  I would also go to the local golf course which had a wood and stream adjacent. I would locate lost golf balls and then sell them back to the golfers.

I had many part time jobs which included a paper-round, caddying, working in a butchers and bar work in the evening.

I always had a natural aptitude for finance and so built my career around that.  Today, I am a senior finance professional for a medium sized business.  Even today, I am always looking to save or make money and, I suppose, you would say it is hobby.